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Author:  nass [ Tue May 07, 2013 9:17 am ]
Post subject:  tec enclosure


I've been googling around for tec advice for a pet project of mine and can't seem to find tec 'enclosure' (ie cold plate and hot plate) manufacturers anywhere. I had initially settled on using arctic silver to expoxy to heatsinks, but this site is prompting a rethink, especially the need to squeeze the tec. Could I ask, how are these typically procured, through this site or do people contact their own nearby copper milling company to make them to spec?

Also, my pet project initially envisaged 1 x 180W TEC1-12715, with heat taken from the hot side using a Corsair hydra 50 in a push/pull fan config, and the cold side using a Dell Vostro 200 aluminium heatsink & fan (44 CFM), all to cool the air in a .20m^3 perspex walled space. This is for insect photography, a chilled space just above freezing keeps them alive, stops them moving but doesn't harm them.

Looking at the stuff here I'm wondering if I should do two or three tecs instead...

Thank you for your time


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