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TEC Water to Water Cooler

 Post subject: TEC Water to Water Cooler
PostPosted: Sun Jan 05, 2014 2:28 pm 

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So for the past few days I have been looking for anyone who has done this and I can't find any one who has tried this exact setup that I have drawn below. This is for a car, so what I am trying to do is get the water meth mix in the cool tank as cold as possible, ideally well below freezing. The TEC's would be mounted directly to the outer walls of the aluminum tanks. I can have the tanks made to whatever size or dimensions best suit the system. The radiator and fans would be mounted under neath the car and exposed to atmosphere.

The fluid and all components would start out at ambient temperatures inside the trunk of the car. The cold side water meth mix is gravity fed by a large 3 gallon tank to ensure it is always 100% full.

1. What are the coldest temperatures I could possibly get my meth mix to since I don't have to worry about condensation or freezing?

2. How many TEC's can I run without over taxing the electrical system?
The battery is in the trunk already with the rest of the meth system. I was thinking of running them directly off the battery if possible controlled by a relay and the ign switch. (Car running = system on)

3. I figured using the tanks themselves to transfer the hot/cold to heat sinks mounted on the inside wall of the tank would be more efficient and the heat sinks would always be submerged in always flowing fluid. Is there a better way to go about this?

I would build a tank similar to this one shown and use the tabs on both tanks to run bolts through to tighten them down on the TEC's. Imagine the entire surface of this side of the tank covered in TEC's and then a 2nd tank just like it sandwiching them.


WM TEC Cooler.jpg
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 Post subject: Re: TEC Water to Water Cooler
PostPosted: Tue Jan 21, 2014 6:33 am 
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Unfortunately I don't have enough information to answer your questions very well, but I will try to provide some information.

The answer to question 1 is that it depends on the voltage you are running the TECs at, the TEC itself, the materials used for heatsinks and thermal joints, and if there's substantial insulation or not, and how cool you can keep the hotside. In other words totally inconclusive, if you ran a TEC at it's full voltage and everything else was optimal the delta is about 60-65C from the hot side to the cold side. So if you can keep the hotside to 20C then that's around -40C. All in all this is where you have to do research into which TECs you want to use and how you plan on powering them.

For number two the answer is I don't know, it highly depends on how much current the electrical system can provide and which TECs you plan on using. Since you've mentioned that this is a car then I'm assuming 12v power...so you'd have to figured out what the most you can draw off the 12v battery without causing issues. However you will find that working with high currents >40A or so will get challenging for wiring.

For question number three the most efficient ways of moving energy with TECs is to build blocks that are designed for high surface area and reasonable flow rates. So your method could work, but it wouldn't be very efficient at all. Another key problem here is mechanical mounting. TECs prefer to be mounted with between 150-300 PSI of force (basically compressed between two plates). This usually means you have a sturdy mounting design. I would suggest that doing some more research on the general topic area of TECs is a must first before trying to implement something like this.

The long and the short of it is that without providing some equipment that you plan on using there's no way to even really ballpark the numbers.

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