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two pielters running off of each other

 Post subject: two pielters running off of each other
PostPosted: Fri Jun 13, 2014 8:13 am 

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i just discovered pielters today, and realise that I had seen them years ago in my mini car fridge.

I would like to know if i can do the following,

I want to take one heatsink on the cold side, and a really big thermal mass on the hot side, then stick the thermal mass part outside in direct sunlight. (in dubai , it will get to around 60 degrees in direct sun i guess)
then somehow pipe the cold air back into the house, I assume this is at least feasible,

from what I understand , you can either A) supply power and get a cold and hot side, or B) supply a temp difference over the unit and get electricty.

so, will heating one side automatically make the other side get cooler? and could i run a second pielter from the elec made on the first one that is heated, then connect the hot side of number two to the hot side of number one and the cold to the cold, thus using the power made from 1 to heat 2 a bit, which would be connected to 1 and heat it a bit more, making a bit more elec, etc, and make a kind of looped circuit

is this feasible or totally off the mark? I guess pielter for a cheap cooling soltuion from powering it isnt too great as they seem to be quite high current.

 Post subject: Re: two pielters running off of each other
PostPosted: Sun Jul 13, 2014 2:11 am 
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Answering your question gets a little bit complicated. So yes with TECs if you apply heat to one side and hold the other side at a lower temperature, then you will generate power...not very much but power is indeed generated. However just applying heat to one side will not make the other side cooler. They can either be operated in two modes, first apply power and they generate a temperature delta based on dTmax, QMax, IMax, VMax, and THot (I won't bother explaining these) this mode is usually referred to as TEC (Thermoelectric Cooler). The other mode is the TEG (Thermoelectric Generator) mode where applying a temperature delta (difference) will generate power. Now TEGs are usually built differently explicitly to allow for higher temperatures. Typically a TEG might support a maximum temperature of 200-300C but TECs will not, the solder in them will generally melt before that point causing catastrophic failure. Also the materials used in TECs and TEGs differ to allow higher power output for TEGs (which is based on a greater delta) and higher temperature delta, which is based on a mixture of characteristics. So there is no way to make an infinite energy loop with TECs and TEGs. Also generally a single TEG will only generate a few watts at fairly huge deltas (like 100-200C), so they will not produce very much power, but they can be used in areas where one might want to reclaim a small amount of energy to power remote monitoring equipment. So I hope this sort of answers your question.

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