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Water Cooling Application

 Post subject: Water Cooling Application
PostPosted: Thu Dec 31, 2015 5:32 am 

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I see some TEC cooling devices touting 300 watts of cooling that run at 24v/ 23a and have been struggling to achieve anything near that. Pretty sure I'm not using the correct hardware for a water circulation cooler. I've started small with the intent of being able to scale up.

Water/ glycol coolant to be maintained at 0 deg C +/- 1 deg C
Ambient air temp is 6 deg C
Heat load target is 290 watts

Current configuration before scaling
40mmx40mm aluminum water cooling block
(2) TEC1-12715 modules
(2) Cooler Master Hyper 612 Ver.2 - Silent CPU Air Cooler with 6 Direct Contact Heatpipes
Syscooling SC-300 water pump
0-30 vdc 20a variable power supply
Inline submersible heater coil to apply measured heat

The hardware is connected in the usual way of the water pump connected to the cooling block with water/ glycol coolant but added the heater inline so I could add in a specific heat load. The two TECs are applied to either side of the cooling block with a Hyper 612s secured to the hot side of the TECs. On both sides of the TECs I've used a very high quality thermal grease. The assembly is placed in a cooler environment to get 6 deg C ambient air. As the unit is running I apply an increasing heat load until it can barely maintain 1 deg C coolant. I use the variable power supply to adjust the power to the TECs. The most efficient voltage appears to be 9-10vdc. The maximum heat load this configuration will manage is about 70 watts or 35W per TEC. Looking at the charts and what I think would have been a very conservative delta T of 15 deg C I expected somewhere around 60 watts each. The Hyper 612s appear to be managing the heat dissipation very well to the point of hardly being able to tell if they are getting above ambient. I have also tried this 12712s and 12722s with similar results.

I want to scale this up using something like 6 TECs but not until I have the hardware right. The setup is a bit different from cooling a CPU in that cold side temperature is actually a lot lower than the ambient and temperature range is different so I question the hardware I'm using. Mostly the Hyper 612s, does the vapor they use work well at lower temps although there is no indication that heat is building on the hot side. I can see going to a 50mm or 62mm TEC with the same ratings would spread the heat on both sides lowering the delta T. I'm having a difficult time finding resources for this application or any examples of the hardware configuration used on commercial units claiming 300+ watts. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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